lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

International Summer Schools 2009

With a variety of subjects on offer, the University of Cambridge International Summer Schools give you the opportunity to explore a range of topics and disciplines.

A range of programme options allow for close study on specialist summer schools, or a more varied approach on our interdisciplinary programmes.

Interdisciplinary Summer Schools
If you are looking to study a variety of subjects, International Summer School Term I and Term II are ideal for you. Term I lasts for four weeks (spanning Sessions 1 and 2) while Term II is two weeks in length and takes place during Session 3.
On each programme you choose either two or three courses from those on offer and have classroom sessions each weekday, complemented by daily lectures on a range of general topics.

Specialist Summer Schools
If you are looking for in-depth study of a favourite subject then these programmes could be what you are looking for.
We have programmes in Literature, History, Science, Shakespeare, Medieval Studies and Art History. We also have an English for Academic Purposes programme which you can combine with one of three other Summer Schools.
Each of our specialist Summer Schools runs for two weeks and each falls within one of three sessions.
You can combine programmes from different sessions to build an individual schedule that meets your needs and interests, building up study periods of two, four or six weeks. You can also study for part of a session, allowing for one, three or five week study periods.

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